About Us

Cleaning company located in Boston, Massachusetts. Among our main services are: residential cleaning; commercial cleaning. Our area of ​​expertise covers Boston residents and business people and neighboring cities.

Our services can be requested by phone, website or applications. The cleaning service, whether residential or commercial, can be weekly, biweekly or monthly. Includes interior cleaning of bathrooms, kitchens, rooms, dorms, floors, carpeting, doors, exterior cabinets, interior windows, as well as fixtures or ceiling fans. At first cleaning or when required the client can request cleaning inside cabinets, ovens and refrigerators. The deep cleaning service or post-construction also includes all mentioned services. In all types of cleaning, the beds are made up and the sheets are changed whenever the customer wishes. We carry out our services with products eco-friendly and not harmful to your health. We do not use paper towels. We clean with as little water as possible.

Cleaning your home or office can be scheduled for the morning or afternoon with at least three days notice.

Extra services: laundry, folding and organization of general articles, such as books, toys and clothes.



Livia Wolpert

Journalist, 34 years old, mother of two children and specialist in Communication and Marketing. She decided to unite her strategic skills to family tradition in cleanliness and organization. He has worked in Boston and region having solid experience in residential, commercial and Airbnb cleaning.

“Daughter of an accountant and an executive secretary, I grew up watching my parents working a lot. There was not a lot of time left to clean and organize, but my mother always kept the house clean and in order. Most of the time she used to clean and do all the things by herself. Her hard work inspired me. ”

Attributions: Communication and Marketing, Schedule of houses, Relationship with customers, Purchase and Replacement of Products, House Cleaning.

Rubens Reis

Administrator, Finance Specialist and Team Manager.

Attributions: Administrative and Financial Management, Quality Control, Maintenance and Recruitment.

Our Values

Mission – To promote well-being, health and quality of family life through the provision of cleaning and organization services.

Values ​​- Trust, Transparency, Organization, Zeal, Cleanliness, Health, Sustainability


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